Why are casino filipino gambling ads disliked in Europe?

Most recently, Belgium has banned ads for games. The restriction applies to television where it is forbidden to broadcast gambling. Digital advertising is restricted, and other restrictions apply to online casino filipino.

For example, famous people and celebrities are not allowed to participate in this format. Sports betting has also been banned after 20.00. Live broadcasts will no longer be enriched with ad blocks. What happened and why make of it such a fuss?

Experts’ opinion

Philip Vlaminck, a partner of Pharumlegal, a company that provides legal support to other legal entities, expressed his opinion on this issue. The Belgian gaming expert points out that the ban affected not only Belgium. All of Europe has a negative attitude towards advertising gambling products.

Philip adds that a royal decree was issued, which was sent from the Ministry of justice. This idea was prompted by the thundering FIFA World Cup. All operators, including online games, received a fabulous profit, which increased their activity. Sports betting along with advertising have literally taken over the world. Politicians were concerned about this phenomenon, and it was decided to take control of the situation.

Belgium, like Italy, imposes a complete ban on advertising products based on excitement:

  • operators are in shock
  • they are forced to fire people who were engaged in marketing development.

Now this niche is completely unsuitable for this direction and people are out of business. After all, operators are even forbidden to distribute and print business cards indicating the type of activity of this organization.

Along with these countries, Bulgaria and Latvia are considering introducing restrictions. These countries also plan to stop advertising on TV channels in the future. The UK gambling commission is charged with developing the legal framework. The whole of Europe is against the spread of information about gambling.

Bans for online casinos

After television, the ban applies to Internet networks. Strict measures will be taken in this area. One of them is advertising your product exclusively on your site. Vlaminck clarifies that such an action borders on a reasonable decision.

Why advertise a site if the user already sees it in front of them? However, there is a ban and it is stricter than sports betting, although it all started with them. Bookmakers stood up for their business, having managed to defend the right to exist.

The issue of self-regulation of this law is not considered. The authorities chose to take matters into their own hands. They issue measures that affect the CSR, adding restrictions regarding the time of release of advertising on TV.

The time period when advertising should disappear from TV screens is the eighth month from the release of the new legislation. Starting from the first day of this month, you will not be able to launch an ad block at an unscheduled time. Some legislative aspects have already entered into force since January 1, 2019. And it is quite reasonable to introduce the ban gradually, said the expert Vlaminck.

After all, ground advertising is still spot on. Offline activities of organizations will not be affected. Then why all these prohibitions for online casino 1995 get worse? The only thing that remains intact is the acceptance of online bets that can somehow brighten up the situation.

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